We are currently working on redesigning this site to offer Sonia's fans and followers more Sonia stuff!  More pics, videos, dance, yoga, health, beauty, travel... more Sonia!  Make sure to join THE LIST (below) to stay tuned on where she's been, what she learned, where she is now, and where she's going.  In the meantime visit the recently constructed Sonia Store  (above) and see the newly-designed merchandise being sold to help fund a NEW INSTRUCTIONAL DVD she is planning!  Also, while Sonia tours Japan, a portion of all merchandise proceeds will go to benefit victims of the earthquake in Nepal (as a donation to Doctors Without Borders).  Please stay tuned!

Sonia Ochoa is an internationally renowned dance performer and instructor who is sought for her elemental style and thoughtful grace.  For over 20 years her main focus has been traditional Belly Dance, but Sonia is also well-known for performing and teaching a variety of dances including Polynesian, Odissi, and especially her uniquely fluid form of Flamenco Fusion which has stunned audiences from Japan to Israel, New York to Brussels, and everywhere in-between.  She just recently returned from Hong Kong, Osaka and Tokyo for performances and sold-out workshops.  Check out the SONIA NEWS section for updates!


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